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hat this kind and I really wanted to stay. I told him to ask her to come. He told us he was at the bar someone who is " out of work" to do and leading to a colleague each to his home because he lived a good distance. I said I could always have a tube or the bus home. He said he would talk to his colleagues and yobt left. A few minutes later he returned with a good looking yobt woman in 40 years. Asked whether his colleague in order, Jill came along yobt with us. Desire turned to me and winked. I knew she thought she'd like to get in Jill 's underwear and she was right. Always know the kind of woman I like. She was once for me in a club when I was chatting to a woman and the woman said, " fuck you, you're not good enough for him. " I was surprised, but then had to admit that they are not really my type. arrived at the farewell party and after payment of an amount of attention kind to the man, who was the party, Des and I turned our attention to the score of the night. Do not try at all, since it was clear that her date, Dave, was almost running in his pants every time I spoke with him. I had my job before me, as Jill was married and it seems that all stakeholders. I was talking to Jill, his back to the pleasure and Dave when he said : "It seems that the love of the young birds are trapped. " I looked around and they got yobt a tonsillectomy ! I was very surprised when I said " I would not mind the least that says," and put his arms around me and put his tongue in my mouth. She kissed very sexy. The four of us smooched for the next hour or so, when Des, a little annoyed at this point, he said, and Jill, " I want to fuck you now need Dave, you can go home two to come and fuck the rest ? ". I fought for the right answer to my shame, when Jill said, "Yes, I left my coat " to find hiding place. Des yobt went out and gave me a big smile. She beckoned me to come to the bar with her. I walked away from David and asked him what he wanted. He looked me straight yobt in the eye F and then leaned over and kissed me most erotic I've ever experienced. It only took about 3 seconds, but I was speechless. She whispered in my ear : " I ‚Äč‚Äčlove you" and then went back to Dave. Jill returned with his cloak, yobt and took a taxi back to my apartment and desire. yobt We are paired and Jill and I had a great fuck, while the other two, judging by the no
Quotes ise, had a great fuck too. Jill and I had a shit after Snog when she said she wanted a cigarette. We walked into the living room, a landfill, if pleasure and Dave went well. We were all naked, but did not identify. It has 4 beers and we all sat down and began chatting like old friends. As we talked, Jill asked me what the hell I'm looking forward often. I told him I had never picked up and looked at me with a puzzled look. She said: "But you are also totally in love she loves you. ". I told him of my fears that a physical relationship with incredible friendship, love we had, it would be dangerous. He stared for a minute and then got up and went to David and said, "Why do not we go and have a chat, while the two policemen fuck themselves and each other 's brains out. " So she took his hand and took him to yobt my room. I do not know what to say or do. ofanger and then I looked up and came and sat beside me. She said in an almost embarrassed yobt : "I would love to fuck me. " At that time I began to hear the bed creak as Jill and yobt Dave began to close. It was a glorious moment of light relief and the two began to laugh. I took her hand and led her to her room. We caught and fucked each other for about 3 hours. Never forget the first time I entered it. She had that look on her beautiful face and said, "It's time. " A The next morning I woke up before her, and lay down beside her. I felt very strange, guilt, but happy. He woke up shortly after me. We talked for a while and we agreed that probably have not fucked up, but it was beautiful. She told me she wanted an independent woman and not yobt be tied to me. I agreed, although I do not like to admit. Then he straddled it and we took it with incredible passion. When we finished and we enjoyed post sensuality shit, SHand I said, " I want to be able to fuck whenever you want, but do not want to be connected to you Would you happy with it. ". Since then, we caught each other almost every day. She sleeps with other guys and me with other women, but they spend much time sleeping together. I am madly in love with her and I'm sure she feels the same about me, but both seem too afraid to commit to each other. I've never felt jealous of her being with other kids, and seems to feel the same. We regularly hold on the life of the other sex talk like best friends do. It's a strange relationship, but I would not trade it for anything.


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Hello. I want my relationship to the desire (pronounced " Dezuray "), or Des, I call and tell their friends. Most people who know us, we are very strange and I suppose we are, but we are very happy. I have 34, divorced, no children. I can not tell you how good looking or not, I am because I can not tell me, but I've never had many problems with women. Des is 23, beautiful, with a body very well. It's not a supermodel, but is very pretty and has an air about them as sexual. She always has people watching her and I know some women who do not mind a bit of it either. We met about 4 years ago. I was still married and she moved from Scotland to live in London. My wife and I came to know through mutual friends in our store. She was kind to us both, but there was always something special between us from day one. I do not know how much a role they played in my divorce, even though my wife was sure we were going to have an affairBut the truth is that I never had more than a kiss on her cheek. We had a very close sister / brother type of contrast ratio sexual thing, despite what the hell has always been greatly attracted to her and dreamed with it. More than 3 months after my wife and I separated, I had to find a new place to rent. I found a nice place, but he could afford on my own. Des was not happy he lived, and decided to live together. I was a little worried about it at first for many reasons. I do not want anything to affect the relationship we had, because I enjoyed his friendship. <b>yobt</b> <i>yobt</i> I never made any progress in them for the same reason, the way I wanted. In reality we were living together quite adequate. There were one or two lines, but overall we thought it was easy. The two took our separate lives, but most of the time we spent together. I had some relationships, and there were many. I would not say it's a bitch, yobt but she only rarelythe same person more than once, with the exception of a few short term relationships. six months ago, everything changed between me and desire. It was a Friday afternoon and had arranged to meet at a local pub. The plan was to go to another bar where they were holding a farewell party for an Australian friend of us, the way back. When I arrived, she was talking to a handsome man, about 25 You know, as well as I, it was clear to me that was interested in him. I said we had to start, and she was not happy. She whispered to me t